Thursday, September 15, 2016

10/22 High Capacity Magazine Reviews Wrap-up

We started this back in March when I dedicated all my posts to the Ruger 10/22 and rather than inundate my posts with further 10/22 stuff, I spread out the reviews of the magazines.

Now that they have all been posted, I put everything together in a shorter format.
I made up this spread sheet to show the relevant specs for each one:

In the same order as the spread sheet:

The Ruger BX-25x2 is a fine magazine, although it doesn't fit as good as the single BX-25, it works just as well. Also like its single mag brother, the BX-25x2 is fully maintainable. In addition it passed all the tests.
We can recommend this one for sure.

The Tactical Innovations TI25 magazine, ranks up there with the best, excellent build quality, very durable materials, adjustable, flawless operation and it is maintainable. The price is reasonable for a magazine that will probably outlast the shooter. We also recommend this magazine

The HC Mags HC3R was a huge disappointment. Even after watching a couple of videos online and reading the instructions, the magazine was impossible to load and make work. The concept seemed like a good one, but if the design is too complicated or just plain doesn't function, what is the point? In addition to all of this, the magazine was made in China......We do not recommend this magazine.

The High Tower Armory RM25 was the impetus for this review challenge and the newest of the bunch. I can say that I was both surprised and impressed by the design. It almost looked like MagPul had created a 10/22 magazine. 
The RM25 magazine is completely maintainable and disassembly is accomplished without the use of any tools. The windows also were a nice touch. What's more is an option of removing a window and swapping out the follower for one with a handle (supplied with the mag) to make loading the magazine easier. 
Don't order yet, there's more..... your RM25 magazine comes in 4 very popular colors....and you have what is perhaps the best all around 10/22 magazine on the market and we highly recommend it.

The Butler Creek Steel Lips Magazine, this is the oldest high capacity magazine made for the 10/22 and unfortunately it hasn't changed much, which may spell its demise. 

The Good: the magazine does work without a hitch, the clear design allows for a round count and they can be "jungle clamped" without tools or clamps. 

The Bad: the magazine cannot be taken apart for cleaning or repair. The material is susceptible to gun solvents and the price has not dropped far enough to make it attractive as a true "disposable" magazine. On the flip side I have one that I have owned for years and it is still working despite the lack of "real" maintenance.

Overall we can recommend the Butler Creek Steel Lips Magazine, but with this caveat: for a few dollars more you can buy much better magazines.

Update, since we started this test Butler Creek has introduced a new high capacity magazine for the Savage A17 rifle, the design shows promise and the hope that maybe these features will make their way to a redesigned 10/22 mag. (see a write up here)