Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Repurposing Gun/Ammo Crates

"Shabby Chic" is all the rage these days and people are getting into recycling, up-cycling and re-purposing anything and everything. 
I did a post a while back about the different uses for metal ammo cans (see it here) and while installing some hinges on my old Norinco 9mm ammo crate, it got me to thinking about the Mosin-Nagant Coffee tables that have been popular as of late.
I decided to do some internet searching and see what people have been doing with their ammo/gun crates. 

I wonder though, how many of these people using these items as decor are against the private ownership of firearms? I wonder what would Freud say about that?

As stated above, the Mosin-Nagant crates make unique coffee tables

Of course they naturally make great foot lockers for storing extra blankets....
This die hard uses his ammo crates as a night stand....or maybe this is just where he stores his ammo?
Add some wheels and pad the top and you have a mobile ottoman

 wall storage

Jewelry box?

How about a hidden bar?

 Wine drinkers also seem to like old ammo crates

A humidor?


 These have become so popular people are reproducing them now, the ones below are from Frontier Crate Company

This DIY crate project is from PrettyHandyGirl

As for my Norinco 9mm ammo crate, I simply added some barn door hinges so I could use it as an ammo crate again...  :)

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