Monday, May 19, 2014

Creative uses for Ammo Cans

Surplus ammo cans have been used by American Sportsmen for years to store their boxes of cartridges.

They have long been used as sterile containers for First Aid Kits


Of course people use them for magazine storage as well
 They have also been used to store valuables 

Because they are airtight, they found a use as humidors for cigars

 Then people began using them for storing and organizing all sorts of items. MTM Case-Gard makes trays that fit inside the 50 cal cans

Not sure who made these ones, but its the same idea
People have used them as saddle bags for motorcycles

As a center console for your Jeep

External storage racks for Jeeps as well
As an airbox for your engine's intake?

 How about as a portable MP3 speaker box?

A bug-out Radio?

A computer?

A mailbox?
As a lamp base
As a shadow box?
What a minute, a camp stove? Really?
They have been used to hide Geo-caches......
 Just be advised, they are not rust proof. This poor High Standard Sentinel will never be the same

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