Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Colorful LCP

Ruger was not the first to introduce the .380 pocket pistol, but their LCP (Lightweight Compact Pistol) lit a fire under consumers. These guns started flying off the shelves and the other manufacturers raced to get their own .380 micro pistol to market.

See my blog post on the .380 Pocket Pistols.....That post has become one of my most visited pages.
Further evidence of the popularity of these little guns is the quick shortage of .380 ACP ammunition. Although things seem to be improving, 380 ammo was mighty scarce for a time.

I was looking at some LCPs at my local gun store a few days back and it dawned on my that this little gun has come in quite a few flavors since its introduction. I thought I would investigate them for fun...

A version with a Stainless slide was an option early on
I think the 1st color option was this Raspberry one
 Followed by a purple one
Ruger offered a special NRA edition pistol with a camo finish
The Zombie rage was not missed by Ruger and they offered the "LCPz - Zombie Slayer edition"
OD Green 
Flat Dark Earth
Ruger revisited the pink color and came up with this color, more of a pastel pink
Carbon fiber

A special pistol was issued for Arizona's Centennial

 Muddy girl Camo, a Davidson's exclusive
A Custom Gold plated edition
A limited edition factory engraved model
 Davidson's commissioned this pair for the Army & Navy using their respective digital camo colors

 Recently this pair of limited run of Purple & Blue pistols were offered

How about a Coyote Special?
Currently offered is this LCP custom with select upgrades

Last month Talo introduced this special edition LCP, it has the molded Flat Dark Earth frame with a cerakoted slide in flat sage.
Recently Davidsons added two Krytek Camo versions

The Pontus

and The Neptune

Supposedly a white framed version was produced, but for the life of me all I could find was this youtube video

Some personalized LCPs

Gun Coat Northwest

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