Thursday, July 30, 2015

HEXMAG Magazine review

One of the great things about the internet age is that we can get information on products and services from real people who have actually experienced what you are interested in.
Our local gun forum is a great resource for product reviews. 

On of our members recently purchased some AR Rifle HEXMAGs and wrote a short review of them. I asked him If I could use his review for my blog and he agreed.
His name is Drew, he is an avid shooter and a combat veteran, (thanks again for your service!) so his word is as good as it gets in my book, plus it was a bit humorous....
You cannot help but compare the HEXMAG HXmag to the Magpul PMag, the similarities are quite conspicuous.

They even came from the same area (HEXMAG is located in Loveland, CO, where as Magpul was formally located in Boulder, just 45 min apart).

As with the Pmag they are made of a reinforced polymer and come with a limited lifetime replacement warranty....this is from the HEXMAG website

 The name HEXMAG comes from the hexagonal reliefs cut into the sides of the magazine
The HX magazines come in the three most popular colors: Black, Olive Drab Green and Flat Dark Earth.

For those who want a little extra "gription" they offer a kit with non-skid hexagons made from grip tape to fit into the recesses.

Unique is the the option for different colored followers and base plates. They call this the "HEXID" system.
It allows users to load different color magazines with different ammo or for different guns.

 of course changing the springs/followers/base plates is a simple task requiring no tools. Dis-assembly is identical to a Pmag (except you can use your finger to press the button on the base plate).

 HEXMAG also offers a simple way to comply with the unconstitutional magazine limits....if you are one of the unfortunate living behind enemy lines.....

The pictures show the two Flat Dark Earth HX Mags with the standard orange followers that were purchased, they are next to the comparable FDE Pmags. Again no one seems capable of matching Magpul's FDE color...where do they get the dye from? A hair New Jersey hair salon? A volcanic mud pit in Italy? A sewage treatment plant?

 One commenter made the observation that the HX Mags are not compatible with the a stripper clip spoon or a StripLula, not sure if that matters to most people, but I thought I would mention it.
You can see from the pictures the HX mags are slightly shorter and slimmer. 

 So on to the review, these are the words of Drew, I simply edited the words to be a little less offensive.....:). The author's words are italicized.

The Pmags have a habit of over loading by one. So, a total of 31 rounds in the magazine.
Is it really a problem? No.
Is it that big of a deal? No.
Is it annoying to my OCD? F&*k yes.
The Hexmags only allow 30 rounds in their 30 round magazines. So, no over loading.
My OCD is pleased.

Loading of the Hexmag was smooth.
The follower is no-tilt and seems a little more robust than the Pmag, but that is just in my eyes.

Both Hexmags fed smoothly and reliably in my AR and also dropped free when the magazine release was pushed.
I did not go full retard and run the magazines over with a truck.
If you ask me, that test is f*&king pointless and only Jerry, the inbred, retarded hillbilly gives a sh!t about that.
I did, however drop both the Pmag and Hexmag, loaded, feed lips down, from a height of 8 feet onto granite paving stones.
Neither magazine ejected any rounds on impact. Which surprised me, somewhat.
Both became slightly scuffed. Who the f*&k cares?
The feed lips remained within serviceable specs on both, with the Pmag bending in slightly more than the Hexmag.
The feed lips on the Hexmag are slightly thicker and more robust.
Whether that is really something special or a non factor, I cannot say at this point.

All in all I think these will be fine magazines.
I ordered an additional 20 magazines before writing this from Wise Tactical.
At $11.99 per, and only $3.95 flat rate shipping I think it's a pretty fair deal.
Slightly cheaper than Pmags and the different color offerings from each company seem close to the same hue.
Something I kind of like about them is the HexID system with the colored dot in the base plate and the ability to disassemble the magazine without the need of tools.
They are minor things, but handy nonetheless.

A reader asked if the Hexmag spring was interchangeable with the Magpul Pmag. The question peaked my curiosity so I took them both apart and compared the springs. They are virtually identical. The only difference I could see was the final wrap on the bottom extended a little farther on the Pmag, but that would not affect it fitting the Hexmag at all.

Wise Tactical


  1. Any chance you determine if a Pmag 30rd spring fits the hexmag? Hexmag does not sell replacement springs so those in non-free states cannot use their Hex 10rd out of state.

  2. Yes they do, see the picture above