Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Ridiculist

These are guns that are modified (or factory assembled) in a way that just makes you shake your head and say: Really?

How are you supposed to grip (and then aim) something like this???

Gold plated and engraved AK.... 
and what is the front sight made to look like? Is that My Little Pony?  

We've covered the Pink Gun craze and I understand the ladies want something a little more feminine but this is slapping good taste in the face
oh the humanity!!

I like Colts, especially Gold Cups...but this is redonkulous

Who thought this looked good?
This should be listed in the dictionary under: Morphodite

A candidate for Disasterpiece of the year
Wait!.... we have another contender.

You really can't make this stuff up:
I don't even know what to say about this......

Someone got a little crazy with the milling machine....
 This has to be from Mexico, no?

A gun only a gangster could love.....
Do you think the dragon is a bit much?

they didn't just throw good taste out the window, they wrapped it in lead and shot it out of a cannon, never to be seen again....
I love my Glocks...but who in their right mind would see a Glock and think....I need to engrave this and add some gold?

This is obliviously a joke....or is it?
Really? The MP5 is a great weapon, but did it really need to be engraved?
When I see or hear people complain that their AR style rifle is too "heavy" I think about those WWII soldiers that carried the M-1 Garand in to battle......then I see this...if an aluminum AR style rifle is too heavy for you.....go to the gym and don't come back until you've grown a pair.

What was this guy smoking?

From toilet seat to gargoyles.....


  1. Here's one we found in Iraq in 2004: Yes, the furniture is sparkly-gold-green with little inset buttons that had chickens in them.

  2. Thanks Spinuzzi, that was worth a laugh.....

  3. You know, I kind of like that '92...