Friday, October 10, 2014

Another Shotgun Project: Remington Model 58 Sportsman part 2

This is part two of the restoration of a Remington model 58 Shotgun, to see part one click here

The project moved along fairly quickly as I had some other guns that needed to be reblued. What was hard was finding the time to finish it.

Here is the receiver and barrel after hot salts bluing
 I decided to dress up the parts a bit so I Nitre blued the charging handle and the pins (along with some parts for a Ruger Vaquero)
I had wanted to try my hand at jeweling a bolt, so I did a 10-22 bolt and then the one for this gun

I mixed up some Mother's polish along with some abrasive powder
 I then set it up in my machinist vice and drill press, using a cratex stick and the homemade compound, I began jeweling
  It turned out pretty nice I think
Now it was time for re-assembly, this gun is not the easiest to assemble, but once you learn the tricks, it goes smoothly

Here is the gun completed

 and some before and after shots