Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Making a display box for my Bearcat

I had this nice walnut cigar box that I thought would work nicely as a display box for my new Ruger Bearcat Shopkeeper. I just needed some foam and velvet type material.

I had some "pluck & pull" foam left over from an SKB case that we modified at work. 
After cutting it to size I realized that  it was a bit too thick, so I cut 1/4 of it off
I then cut the outline of the gun out.
I needed some padding under the gun, so the part that I cut out was shaved down a bit
I already had some material that I bought to re-line my coffin gun case
So I am trying it out here. I also had some thicker blue velvet material, but it would not bend into the recesses as easy, so I went with the red

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