Friday, July 25, 2014

Girls with Guns Friday #6 - Competition Shooters

Happy Friday! This weeks Girls with Guns post is dedicated to the women of Competitive Shooting:

We could not possibly have this page without some pictures of the lovely and perhaps the best known competitive woman shooter, Jessie Duff!

Once sponsored by Team Glock she now shoots for the Taurus/Leupold Team

Here she is as "Jasmine Jesse" in Cowboy Action Shooting:
  Here is Smith & Wesson Pro Team Shooter Julie Golob, Julie also appears on a regular basis on the Outdoor Channel show Shooting USA and Impossible Shots.
Don't let anyone tell you this is not a physical sport

This is Michele Viscusi, she appeared on season 4 of the History Channels reality shooting show Top Shot, she is also a Border Patrol Agent, a model and now a Team Glock Pro Shooter

 The lovely Randi Rogers started out in SASS Cowboy (Cowgirl?) Action Shooting as "Holly Terror". This makes sense, because her grandfather is the legendary Gene "Evil Roy" Pearcey.
She is now into mainstream shooting, first for Team Glock and has now joined Julie Golob on Team Smith & Wesson

Here is Randi, aka "Holly Terror" with her SASS Women's World Champion Trophy

 Venezuelan born Gabby Franco competed in Olympic Pistol Shooting before moving to the U.S. She appeared on Top Shot seasons 4 and 5. She is also a model, a firearms instructor and a competitor in USPSA

Maggie Reese is another alum of the TV show Top Shot, appearing in season 2. Now a USPSA competitor for Team Sure Fire

 Lena Miculek is a member of Team Smith & Wesson, but more than that she is a member of Shootings First Family. Her Father is none other than the legendary Jerry Miculek. Her Mother Kay is also a great competitor, in fact Lena often finds herself competing for the top spot against mom.

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