Friday, July 18, 2014

Girls with Guns Friday #5 - Pirate Wenches

Happy Friday!

Disclaimer: If you are a Pirate Wench and disapprove of the use of the term to describe you...I am not sorry.....

The golden age of piracy began around 1650 and ended sometime in the 1720's. During that time many women became pirates (or Pirettes?). Some dressed and played the part of men, some became the strumpet of the Captain or crew (or both?), some of them earned the respect of fellow pirates and served right alongside them. 

 We'll start off with Porn Star Jesse Jane from the 2005 adult feature Pirates. This film holds the distinction as being the most expensive adult film ever produced.

Anyway, here is Ms. Jane.....I don't think she is ready to surrender her booty just yet.....

photo courtesy of  Digital Playground & Adam & Eve

 Keira Knightly played the part of Elizabeth Swann in the feature film series Pirates of the Caribbean.
photo courtesy of the Disney Co.

photo courtesy of Oleg Volk

If any of the pictures above belong to you and you would like them taken down or credited, please let me know

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