Friday, July 11, 2014

Girls with Guns Friday #4 - Gangster Girls

Happy Friday! 

Time for another installment of Girls with Guns.

This week it is Gangster Girls.

I do not want to imply that I am condoning the actions of criminals, but some people thought of the bank robbers of the 20s & 30s to be "Robin Hood" like.

At any rate, this kind of criminal activity is one reason a women might have a gun....of course the exploits of such women led to actresses being more prominently featured in the gangster and detective movies of the 50's and 60's.

We'll start with the original gangster girl, Bonnie Parker. As many of you know, she lived by the gun and died by the gun.....

  Faye Dunaway played Bonnie in the 1967 movie Bonnie & Clyde
 More girls inspired by Ms. Parker

 Jaimie King from the 2005 film Sin City
 Other Gangster Girls

If any of the pictures above belong to you and you would like them taken down or credited, please let me know

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