Sunday, June 8, 2014

T/A's Glock 21

A gunsmith that goes by the name of Tactical Assault  (or T/A for short) on the local gun forums recently started a new project and agreed to let me document his work here.
T/A has helped with me with a couple of projects over the years (AK-47, Building an inexpensive Home Defense Shotgun)

This one started life as a stock gen 3 Glock 21, (45 ACP.)

First he cut the trigger guard to allow a better grip
Here is an after & before comparison
Then he added some grip tape

He ball milled the slide in the original rear location, he also beveled the top edge of the slide to match the downward angle of the rear sight

Then he added matching front slide serations

The Slide then got ported, in anticipation of   future barrel porting
He built his own takedown lever
 And his own extended slide release

Moving to the internals, he polished all mating surfaces in the fire control group. He added a ZEV Race disconnet and ZEV Competition Spring Kit
The spring kit lightened the trigger pull from 5 1/2 pounds down to just under 3 pounds.

Finally slide, slide stop, trigger and take down were Cerakoted in Dark Tungsten (a mixture of Tungsten and Graphite Black)

The gun looks great and functions better than before. These are the kind of builds I like, only modify what needs to be modified, a little for looks and a lot for function.

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