Saturday, June 1, 2013


Contrary to popular belief, it is perfectly legal (in most States anyway) to own a semi-auto version of the AK-47 Assault Rifle. When the guns are imported they are either changed to semi-auto fire before importation, or "demilled" to remove the full auto parts so that they are legal to own.

I bought this Romanian AKM "G" model as a "parts kit", it was no longer a gun as the importer torched the receiver in half and destroyed/removed the trigger parts. Here is what the parts looked like:

To be compliant with some ridiculous ATF ruling (known commonly as 922R) you must use no more than 10 imported parts to assemble your AK.

I started with an Ohio Ordinance receiver, Tapco double hook trigger set and a Tapco synthetic stock set. I bought a screw kit as I did not have access to a press to remove the front trunnion.
This was a mistake, people told me that screw builds don't work and I did not believe them.....I do now. Here it is when I finished it (the 1st time)

The gun did function, and worked great, but the screws began to back out and they ended up ob-longing the holes and rendering the gun useless. Luckily I knew a guy (he goes by Tactical Assault on the local gun forums) who was very good and building these guns. I bought a new receiver, this one from NO DAK and had him rivet the gun together. He also did a nice parkerizing job on the receiver.
 we modified the receiver to accept the double hook trigger, like in the picture below:

The gun functions flawlessly, just like an AK should. I painted the stock set in olive drab, I like the look of OD & black

There is a trend now-a-days to make your AK look like a battlefield pick-up, by aging the finish, adding scratches and what is an example:

 I like the trend, but not sure it is something I want to do to mine...perhaps I'll build another one..

Below is the famous "Shovel AK". Maybe you have heard of  the famous quote" Those who hammer their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not", supposedly uttered by Thomas Jefferson.
Well this guy did the opposite, he took an old shovel head and pounded it into a flat, then used his jig to create the AK receiver. The shovel handle became the butt stock. See the build here