Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ghost Gun that shoots 30 Caliber Clips

California State Senator Kevin De Leon is about as lost as his namesake Ponce DeLeon (you remember, that crazy Spaniard that got lost in Florida searching for the "fountain of youth").
Watch this video and you'll understand:

For starters this poor hoplophobe has no freaking idea what he is talking about. 30 Caliber clips? 30 bullets in 1/2 a second? I don't think so. He must have failed math, that works out to 3,600 rounds per minute, about four (4) times the rate of fire of a fully automatic M4 Carbine. 
3600 RPM is faster than the M-134A Mini-Gun can spew lead, and it has 6 barrels! Also keep in mind the gun he is talking about is not usually fully automatic (one continuous trigger pull empties the magazine) but instead it's normally (about 99.9% of the time) a semi-automatic, one trigger pull for each shot fired. Fully automatic firearms are regulated by the Federal Government and are horribly expensive.

The six barreled M-134 Mini-Gun:

A quick Google image search revealed the real Ghost Gun
 Or maybe he was thinking of the Ghost Buster's Proton Pack (aka "unlicensed nuclear accelerator")

Second, what he doesn't realize is that he just started a new gun craze.....The Ghost Gun. Just like the Zombie Gun Craze, the Ghost Guns will be everywhere....but you wont be able to see them, because according to DeLeon, they are "undetectable".

As soon as the Hoplophobes try to ban something, all gun owners will rush to buy the subject of the ban, perhaps that is human nature.
We will now see people building what they imagine a Hoplophobe means by "ghost gun".

Our friends at Aero Precision in Tacoma, have created the "Ghost Gun" AR-15 lower receiver.

Get yours now: Aero Precision

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