Monday, January 20, 2014

Beretta CX4 Carbine Mods

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I bought this Beretta CX4 9mm Carbine awhile back. This one uses the M-9/ M92 magazines which can be bought from Mec-Gar, Beretta or surplus military (I bought 3 of them the other day for $3 each!).

The guy I bought it from had left the gun in the original cardboard box. Before I bought the gun, his untrained, no good, flea-bitten hound proceeded to pee on the box and caused a bit of corrosion on the outside of the barrel, not to mention he ruined the original cardboard box, no worries though, I was able to replace it with a newer factory plastic case with accessories & manual for $10!.
 Here is what the gun looked like when I brought it home:
I was considering having the barrel cut down and threaded to accept a 1/2 x 28 threaded flash hider/suppressor, but after discussions I decided to dress it up by adding a barrel shroud. Apparently Beretta also thought the gun needed them, as they sell factory barrel shrouds in two models:

I found this one from a company called MFI, they are located in CA and the part is made in USA! They have a cool, futuristic look to them that matches the gun's appearance, bonus!

I then added a factory Tri-rail, a factory 30 round magazine, a Knights Armament VFG and a TruGlo red/green dot scope. The scope fits perfectly and I can "co-witness" the sights or flip the sights down and just use the scope.
I was considering adding a Desantis "Storm Packer", it fits over the butt stock and allows the carrying of two more 15 round magazines, their price is a little steep....
One of the problems with the "Storm Packer" is that it covers up one of the built in sling mounts. 
I wanted to add a side mounted sling, like the AKs & SKSs use. With the fore grip and extended magazine a traditional bottom mounted sling would not work well. So I came up with a new idea. Mount a dual mag pouch on the sling. I used a Mossy Oak padded sling, an Uncle Mike's dual mag pouch.
On the muzzle end I mount a quick disconnect on the picatinney rail and the swivel/plunger on the sling.

on the back built in sling mount I installed a plastic clip, I installed the matching end on the sling, now I could attach or detach the sling quickly.

Here are some other "modified" CX4 Storms

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