Thursday, February 14, 2019

Buy your Girl a Gun Day

Valentine's Day is when we show our love for that special person in our life.

What better way to say I love you and care about your safety than to buy them a gun?

 I declare February 14th "National Buy your Girl a Gun Day".

Rather than by flowers that will die, candy that will make her fat or jewelry that is artificially her some real feminine protection....a pistol!

Plenty of manufacturers offer pistols just for the ladies...I covered this a few years ago, but decided to revisit it this month, see my past posts at the links below:

Pink Guns

More Pink

Personalized Girly Guns

Charter Arms has two revolvers in pink tones for the ladies, the first one is the "Pink Lady"

This one is called the "Cougar Undercover Lite"

Ruger is offering their LCP pistol is a few feminine colors

Pink, Purple, Muddy Girl Camo and Tiffany Blue

And just in time for Valentines Day Ruger, just last month, announced the LCPII will be available in three new colors

Rose Gold


Sapphire Blue

If your lady would prefer a revolver, Ruger has you covered there as well, the LCR now comes in Lavender

Kimber is offering their Micro 380 pistol in "Bel Air Blue"

They also have a purple "Amethyst" edition, see it here

Sig is offering their popular P238 pistol in rose gold with factory engraving

Another option is to have a standard pistol personalized just for her.

Here are a few from 7.62 Precision

A couple more in Tiffany blue

This one is for sale at Shark Coast Tactical, see the details here: