Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Vaquero-Blackhawk Cheap Tricks

While researching different modifications you could make to a Ruger Vaquero/Blackhawk I came across some interesting ones that almost anyone can do themselves.....like the base pin mod below. I decided to try some of them out....

Starting with a spare base pin for a New Model Blackhawk (and old Vaquero)

I chucked it into my drill press and using a 1/2 round file, I began removing metal

Almost there

After thinking about it I decided to go back and remove the two lines and make the groove deeper.
Back onto the drill press and using a half round coarse file I went to work.

Then using progressively finer paper, followed by some time on the buffer, I polished it to a shine

I then nitre blued it

If you like the factory base pin and just want to nitre blue it, the process is easy. 

You can use a lead pot and Potassium Nitrate or use a torch and heat it to the proper color, then quench in water or oil

Here is another cool DIY customization: checkering the ejector rod button....

I just happened to have a used Blackhawk ejector that I found at the gun show for $1. 
I have several checkering files, I chose a 00, or 20 lines per inch

The first row of grooves cut

It took some thinking to get the angle right so we would end up with diamonds instead of squares...

I then nitre blued it as well.

I liked this one, Ruger had at one time treated their ejector rod buttons to a dimple (known as the "Type 2"), making a recess for your fingertip. 

I had my machinist friend modify a newer one from my Vaquerito, I then polished it and nitre blued it: