Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Interesting Firearm Photos XI

Experimental M1903 Springfield Bullpup, only one was ever made

The gun in this iconic James Bond picture (taken to promote the 1963 007 flick From Russia with Love) is not a firearm, but a Walther LP-53 .177 cal air gun.
When Connery arrived at the photo studio, together with Tom Carlile and representatives from United Artists, it was discovered that no one had brought “007’s” Walther semi-automatic pistol.  By chance, photographer Hurn practiced air pistol target shooting as a hobby and he used his Walther as the prop.  
This gun sold at Christie’s London in 2010 for a world record $437,000. 

A belt fed .22 copy of the Browning M1919

Steve McQueen and his wife Neile Adams shooting guns in the California desert in 1963

The 10 Millionth Remington 870 shotgun

The truth

WWII, a U.S. Soldier carrying some captured German machine guns.

This Chinese made "gun safe" was opened in under 5 minutes with a 3 lb hammer

The letter written by Bill Ruger describing his .22 pistol to Patent Application Lawyers, dated November 21, 1945

The Ruger Owners and Collectors Society

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