Friday, June 9, 2017

The Cobray Model D Project

I did a write up on this pistol earlier this week and now we will show you how it goes together.

These are the two frame sides I bought at the gun show for $1 each.

When I discovered that the parts kits were still available, I ordered one up right away, it came from Excalibur LLC of Ducktown, TN, in this small box

The box contained the barrel assembly, hammer, trigger, pins and springs. It also included the parts list/diagram with a template of the breech face which will be handy as we will need to make one.

My Father used the template to build the breech plate and weld it to the frame plates, here is what it looked like before we did a trial assembly

Here is the parts diagram for reference
Despite having the grip spacer plate installed when he welded the breech plate, the frame plates were too close together to fit the hammer spring

I used the Dremel to make enough clearance

Trail assembly, we could not get the latch to fully engage the barrel lug.

After much filing and fitting we got positive lock up.
We also had to file the firing pin hole in the breech face.

Time to test fire!

We cut down an old 410 shot shell and test fired the pistol, we got a good solid primer strike.

Then we stripped the gun back down, we rounded the sharp edges and used the wire wheel to clean up the surfaces and prep for paint

We also filed the top of the breech plate to expose the rear sight

In addition we sanded and polished the ramp on the barrel lug.

After the paint dried (flat black) we reassembled the gun and did a function check. 

Everything is good to go, so we took it out for some test firing. we shot low base .410 bird shot in it. The gun worked flawlessly, although the recoil wasn't pleasant, it wasn't unmanageable. We haven't tried any 45 Colt ....yet