Thursday, June 22, 2017

Another Ironworker Knife Build

A member of our local gun forum that goes by the name Ironworker built a couple of really nice knives (see his previous knives here and here) and is at it again.

This time he is starting with a section of 3/4" steel cable. He wired tied them and then welded the ends to prevent fraying.

 A lot of heat and some pounding and he had a flat piece of forged steel, this is similar to the hammer forging done to create "Damacus" steel.

After getting it to the right uniform thickness and width he cut out his blank

Cutting the bevel, adding some serrations to the spine and heat treating have been accomplished

Polishing and etching to bring out the "damascus" (can damascus be an adjective??) in the steel

Adding the handle and pin

 Shaping and finishing the wood