Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Interesting Firearm Photos V

March 30th, 1981; Seconds after the assassination attempt on President Reagan, Secret Service Agent Robert Wanko can be seen in the photo below holding an Uzi sub-machine gun, removed from a briefcase seen on the ground to the right

Cut-away Mauser Broomhandle

Another 1950's invention, a gun that is timed to take a picture when the gun is fired

A mail box made to look like a S&W revolver

A member of the IDF with her Tavor rifle

Kalashnikov Vodka

Storeroom at Solar aerodrome in the town of Stavanger, Norway; holding some of the estimated 30,000 rifles taken from German forces in Norway after their surrender.

1970's Drag Racing team, I think they confused Old West Outlaw Billy the Kid for a 1920s era gangster

An LAPD officer holds a shotgun on looters during the 1992 LA Riots

Whoops.....not good

Organization is the key....

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