Monday, November 14, 2016

The 10/22 Target Rifle Project part 10: The Stock

This is the final part of the stock work, when we left off I had just finished installing the butt pad and were installing the cheek rest and the comb.

Here is the cheek rest being glued into place

Once the glue dried I measured for the new piece for the top of the comb, cut it out and cleaned it up on the belt sander.
Then glued it in place, I'll make another one to make it full width, then sand it down from there

now that we have all the pieces in place, we need to round, contour, sand, fill, sand some more, prime then paint.....

I thinned it down some, and them began adding the body filler

I start with the grip, I need to cut in some compound curves, which are difficult to make symetrical

First round of body filler, you can see how much it shrank. It is important to let it fully cure before sanding and moving to the next round.
Here I am removing material at the front of the cheek piece, I want it to disappear into the stock. I will also need to fill and blend the area in front of the cheek piece.
Second round of body filler, looks horrible, I had to work fast before the filler started to harden.

More profiling of the cheek rest, getting closer to the final shape

More sanding on the opposite side, the body filler shrinks when it dries so I'll need to add another layer

building up and blending the bottom of the stock, we are trying to get it flat and turn the step at the left into a smooth ramp

The transition at the front of the comb is almost done

More progress, the shape is finally done, now I need to smooth the body filler and remove the scratches

The stock was pretty close, so it is time to put our first coat of high build primer on, then we will look for scratches, glue lines and imperfections that we can fix

The light pink stuff is standard body filler, the darker pink stuff is spot putty 

Rinse, lather, repeat.....

I think it is finally ready for paint, in the next installment we will coat the stock with paint and assemble