Saturday, November 19, 2016

National Buy Ammo Day 2016

November 19th, the day we support the shooting industry by buying 100 rounds or more of ammunition.   

The idea was probably invented by an ammunition company, but it is in our best interest to keep businesses involved in firearms healthy.

So the call goes out, visit your local gun shops and put more ammunition in the hands of private citizens. I  know this is going to be happening in Commifornia where a new law will require a background check on the purchase of ammunition.

For the rest of us this year will mark the beginning of the end of the shortages we have seen over the last 8+ years

This is a holiday of sorts for the gun enthusiast, a reason to run down to the local gun store, browse the guns  (maybe even buy one??) and pick up some ammo at the same time.

I will be celebrating by going to a gun show, I already made my purchases.......I was lucky enough to pick up two boxes of the Winchester "white box" bulk .22 LR ammo