Monday, November 7, 2016

Interesting Firearm Photos III

This Browning High-Power and attached silencer were found in the Leeds/Liverpool canal and tied to a murder.....this happened in the UK where both these items are illegal to the story here

Larry Phillips and Emil Mătăsăreanu in the North Hollywood Bank of America, during their robbery. Their shootout with the police is about to begin. The date was February 28th, 1997

The Winchester 1886 rifle Geronimo surrendered to General Crook on March 27th 1886.

Following the rise of terrorist attacks, French soldiers guard the Eiffel Tower with their FAMAS rifles

The fabled Taurus 28 Gauge Raging Judge revolver. There are still questions about why the gun was not allowed to be built and if it was, why Taurus never built it

The first Ruger 10/22 to come off the assembly line

John Moses Browning's gun shop in Ogden, Utah

Korean War Sniper with his M1C Garand rifle

This person got to the sixth round before the gun barrel gave up

iPhone case designed to look like a gun.....some police departments urged people not to buy these, lest they be shot by the police for being mistaken as a criminal about to go on a shooting know because if a person has a gun they MUST be a bad guy, right?

Here is another one:
It's a knife, it's a gun, it's both! You can bring a gun to a knife fight....

The Rock Island Auction Co.
Korean War Online  

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