Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Politically Incorrect Magazines

At the time of this writing we are in-between buying scares.....The next one (this is an election year, in case you forgot) has not yet started, so I purchased a few of these AR contract magazines while the getting was good.


They were built by D&H Industries of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin....

The magazines came with the mil-spec followers, which I am not found of. So I ordered up some OD Magpul anti-tilt followers
along with some Pro-Mag magazine couplers
Before installing the Magpul followers, I decided I wanted to add some Punisher skulls. I have some Punisher Stickers, but I they are the wrong color, so I will use them as stencils.

Before painting I wiped down the magazines with acetone, the acetone removed the oils and much of the gray coating that was on the surface.

I wanted the Punisher skull to match my Magpul furniture, which is FDE, but my stickers were chrome. So I painted the lower section of the magazines a color called "Nutmeg"
I then added a mist of OD green over the top to get closer to Magpul's FDE
 After sufficient drying time I added the stickers, these stickers are made of mylar, which allows them to conform to the valleys/ridges.
 and painted the both sides of the magazine flat black

 After the paint dried I carefully removed the stickers

I then assembled the mags and installed the couplers, they look pretty good and should give the hoplophobes nightmares...