Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Guns of Archer

If you like guns and I know you do, you have probably been watching the TV show archer.

If you haven't seen the show yourself a favor: get a case of Glengoolie Blue, order ten pizzas, fire up Netflix and get to binge got some catching up to do.

Now in its seventh season the super spy and his cohorts have employed a plethora of guns to foil crimes, stop evil and generally cause chaos. Just for fun I decided to list them here.

Rarely an episode goes by that we don't see Sterling Archer with his trusty stainless Walther PPK

His love interest in the show and the hottest cartoon girl since Jessica Rabbit, Lana Kane,  packs not one, but two full auto TEC-9 pistols

The effeminate but still bad ass Ray Gillett packs two stainless engraved 1911 pistols...with the names Liza and Barbara engraved on the slides
In an early episode we see Mallory Archer in a bar nursing Sterling while fighting off bad guys with a Mauser Broomhandle, also behind the bar is a much younger Woodhouse dual wielding sawed off double barrels.
Resident creepy guy, Doctor Krieger (BTW Doctor is his 1st name, not his title) is rarely seen with a real firearm, but he is often seen with a tranquilizer gun....or a bunch of them.

In one episode Sterling's tryst with El Presidente Calderon's wife Juliana, ends with violence, we get to see where Juliana keeps her pocket pistol....possibly a Beretta Cougar or Colt Mustang?
Early in the series we get to watch Lana shoot a full auto AK-47 while wearing nothing but her unmentionables...Danger Zone....

Here she is with an M16

Sterling has also been seen with the M16-A2

Mallory Archer is the matriarch of ISIS (the name of the spy agency, totally not related to the terrorist group). She doesn't carry gun much anymore, but when she does she goes old school with a Dan Wesson .44 Mag
Sterling and Lana with what appears to be an M-60 Machine Gun and a M1911 pistol

This is not a replica T-2 robot, wielding a gold plated AK-47, it is Barry from ODIN, oh yeah did I forget to mention he is a freakin cyborg?

Sterling's one time cyborg girlfriend Tatiana...with a PPSH-41
The bumbling ISIS Comptroller Cyril Figgis is rarely trusted with a gun, as he almost always misses and when he does hit someone, it is usually the wrong person.

Sterling with a copy of the M41A Pulse Rifle from the movie Aliens

Here is Sterling with a Colt 1911

And with his "underware gun" the Chekhov .25. If you know your literature, you will get the joke about the name "Chekhov".

Here he is aiming a Barrett M82A1 .50 cal sniper rifle
To defend the Tunt castle, Sterling grabs a Steve McQueen special, also known as a "Mare's Leg"

 CIA Agent Slater carries a 1911 pistol

Here is Barry, a spy who works for a competing agency called ODIN, with his signature side arm, the Desert Eagle.

Here is Barry shooting some Russian guards with, appropriately enough, a Tokarev pistol.

Here is Sterling with a double barrel shotgun on a commercial plane...committing two Federal Crimes in one

FBI Special Agent Holly with his old school Colt Detective Special

Hitmen turned drug dealers Charles and Rudy use the Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer to rob Sterling and the gang of their cocaine

The same duo carrying MP40s

Ramon Limon carries a stainless Desert Eagle in the same episode

A Yakuza sniper trains his Heckler & Koch PSG-1 on ISIS headquarters

In one episode ISIS is infiltrated by a Russian mole named Crenshaw, he carries a P08 Luger

 This post could almost go on forever, if I haven't whetted your appetite, you are either not a gun enthusiast or you are dead in either case you are missing out on one kick ass show...

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