Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Gun Tattoos

Tattoos are all the rage these days with the Millennial generation. 
This obsession with skin art varies from the cute and reverent to the hideous and the ridiculous. 
One might get the impression that these kids don't know that tattoos are permanent.

The reason I am discussing tattoos here is the rising trend of gun tattoos, especially among young women. Some might argue that a tattoo on a beautiful young women is like graffiti on a work of art. 

Like it or not, there is no denying the social stigma that tattoos bring with them (Blogger Fitzroy calls it "the new underclass"), even though more people are getting them and on new parts of the body, they still make a statement...

Before you go thinking that I am some Bible thumping, narrow minded, conservative knuckle-dragger....think again. I have no problem with people modifying their bodies...I just hope for their sake they do it with a clear head and plenty of forethought.

Feelings about the tattoos aside, these gun tattoos make me wonder what political position these women might take on the subject of gun control? How much of a hypocrite would you be if you voted to outlaw guns when you have one tattooed on your leg?

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  1. I, personally, regard tattoos as trashy and distasteful, regardless of the subject matter. Perhaps I am just old. Nonetheless when I see tattoos I think instantly "daddy issues." Someone thought carnival freaks and ex-convicts were so "kewl" that he paid non-trivial sums of money and underwent non-trivial discomfort to make himself look just like one. He's sending a message to the entire world, and probably doesn't even know it.

  2. Fear not that our rights will ever be jeopardized. Fear not our rights to express our views in the way we see fit. Live and let live and, above all, God bless America.