Sunday, February 15, 2015

Virtual Guns

Now that computer generated graphics are common place, the geeks who know their way around the software are making pictures of fake guns that look real. These would be "artists" are also using Photoshop to combine two or more guns into a new one.

This 1st gun is actually a good Photoshop job, it had a lot of people convinced that Glock was actually producing a 1911
Versions of the "Suicide Special" have been making their way around the internet for awhile now.

How about an AR Revolver Rifle.....

This one failed, the creator removed three of the chambers in the cylinder, but they forgot to remove the corresponding cylinder obvious lack of gun knowledge..
Here is the original

How about a 454 Magnum with a 37 mm flare/grenade launcher barrel? They combined the frame of a Ruger, the barrel of a S&W 500 Magnum and the trigger guard of a Beretta 92 pistol. 
The grip cap and lanyard are a nice touch. I like it!

A snub-nose, blued version too...not sure what you would put the in 2" flare launcher.

This gun shoots a magnum pistol cartridge from its top barrel as well as a rifle/shotgun cartridge from its lower barrel. I suppose they think they created the idea.....there was a real revolver that had a shotgun barrel mounted underneath the normal barrel, it was called a LeMat.

This one is called the Cerberus, named after the mythical 3-headed dog that guarded the gate to Hades (I never understood why would you need to keep people out of Hades??).
It has 3 barrels and 3 cylinders.....extra long cylinders.... It comes from a video game called Final Fantasy

This one was featured in my Strange Revolvers post, The Good Samaritan is the gun owned by comic book hero Hellboy. Not sure how the exposed chambers are supposed to work.....Artistic License I guess....

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