Friday, November 14, 2014

The Wide Wide World of Ammo

National Buy Ammo Day is just around the corner, so I decided to post this today.

We Americans have ammo available in the market place that comes from nearly all four corners of the globe. Anywhere that ammo is made commercially and there is a conduit to get it to the US, you can probably find it at a store somewhere in the states. 
Some people have a bias against foreign ammo, perhaps out of fear of poor quality control. While those fears may or may not  be warranted, I try to always buy American made ammo out of loyalty to my American bothers and sisters who make the ammunition and need our support.

Regardless,Imported ammo is very popular and getting more so. Ammuniton imports into the United States have been increasing at a rate of 100% (doubling every year) for the last 3 years.

At any rate here is the list of ones I found, I am sure there are others that I missed (feel free to leave a comment).

From our own Hemisphere we have Centaure from Canada eh!

And from Mexico we have Aquila & CI

And Magtech from Brazil
From across the Pacific we have Armscor from the Philippines
 PMC from South Korea

Outback ammo from Australia

 While no longer imported you can sometimes find the commercial Norinco ammo from China at gun shows

From Europe we have:
High quality rimfire ammo from Eley, made in England

Norma ammunition from Sweden
 Lapua from Finland
From Belgium we have factory FN ammo 

The Company known as Ruag Ammotech out of Switzerland manufactures GECO and RWS brand ammunition:

RIO/Royal Buck from Spain
The Italians have been exporting Fiocchi brand ammo to the US for decades
 They recently added another brand: Perfecta, which I believe is also made by Fiocchi

Red Army Standard Ammo is made in The Ukraine (kind of ironic name considering recent events don't ya think?)

Hot Shot ammo is made in the same factory (from what I have read) in the Ukraine and marketed by Century Arms

From Hungary we have MFS ammunition

 PPU (Prvi Parizan Uzice) ammunition is made in Serbia (formerly Yugoslavia) and has a good reputation for quality
From Bulgaria comes the Arsenal brand

This ZQ1 ammo is made by a company called "MKE", ZQ1 hails from Turkey
Also from Turkey is the American Tactical brand:

From Israel we have the UZI and Samson brands made by IMI (IWI)

From Russia we have several brands of commercial ammunition: Golden Tiger, Golden Bear, Silver Bear, Brown Bear, Wolf & Tula


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  1. PPU means Prvi Partizan Uzice. Uzice is a city in Serbia and as far as I'm aware, PPU ammo is made in Serbia. And is quite good ammo.