Monday, November 17, 2014

November 19th: National Buy Ammo Day

After a long drought we can now find guns and ammo back in stock. Although .22 ammo is still hit or miss.

The gun and ammo makers have finally caught up with the demand, maybe too much.....

In fact the gun companies have seen a sharp drop in sales for 2014. Ruger & S&W stock values have dropped to pre-scare levels (as of this writing Ruger stock has lost more than 50% of its value since Jan 2014, S&W has lost close to 50% if its value as well). We hear news from Hartford that Colt is in a bad situation and needs cash, they may have to sell or file for bankruptcy.

I imagine ammunition makers have seen similar drops in sales and revenue.

Every November 19th we are reminded to support the shooting industry by buying 100 rounds or more of ammunition. 
The idea is to help the gun industry, the local gun shops and put more ammunition in the hands of private citizens. 

So this is a holiday of sorts for the gun enthusiast, a reason to run down to the local gun store, browse the guns  (maybe even buy one??) and pick up some ammo at the same time.

Ammo Day

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