Monday, November 10, 2014

New Guns!

Christmas time is fast approaching and their is good news in the firearms industry. It seems that supply has caught up with the demand and guns and ammo are in stock again.
I thought I would provide some ideas for those looking to pick up a gun for Christmas.

These are some new models from the gun distributor TALO:

This one came out earlier this year, it is a black SR1911 from Ruger, made to benefit the Navy Seal Foundation
 Another great S&W revolver from the Performance Center
A special edition of the 10-22 take down, with retro-looking case
 How about a Duck Commander Edition Mossberg 930 Shotgun?
 Yet another Ruger, this one is the Gator Country Special....choot'em! choot'em!

This is a Wiley Clapp designed Colt 1911, I like how the checkering on the grip and front strap melt into one another
Another Ruger, this one is on my want list. A Vaquero with engraving! It is called the Vaquero Deluxe!

 This gun was recently released from North American Arms. This is a new version of their mini-revolver, with a swing out cylinder. They call it the Sidewinder....and it has my attention....In case you were wondering, no the picture is not a negative, the cylinder opens to the right side of the frame.
Ruger introduced a new version of their Gunsite Scout Rifle, this one chambered in 5.56mm, but unfortunately it doesn't use the NATO STANAG magazines like the Mossberg MVP.
Ruger also has a new version of the American Rimfire Rifle. This one used the rotary magazine from the 10-22, which means you can also use the BX-25 mag. In addition it comes with the extra comb pieces and a threaded barrel.
Taurus just introduced a new concealed carry handgun with some unique features. The .380 pistol comes with a built in laser, LED light and belt clip. It has no sharp edges and the grip frame is curved to make it hug your body better.

How about a blue or purple Ruger LCP?? Better get one fast, they are only making 500 of each


One Last Ruger, in my post What If? I posed the question, what gun would you like to see the manufacturers make. One request was for an LCR that shoots 9mm with moon clips....well Ruger did it:
Another gun that was asked for in my What if? post was a new 629 from Smith & Wesson.
I had asked for: 
No lock on the frame - no dice
Unfluted cylinder - check
Extra lock-up on the crane -check
long barrel with adjustable front sight - 1/2 check
Full underlug - 1/2 check
They came close, I was hoping for more of a retro silhouette style revolver, what we got was closer to a modern competition gun.

Another competition inspired gun from Smith & Wesson is the Performance Center Ported M&P models
Cimmaron Arms is going to be offereing an engraved "Pinto" version of their Single Action Army revolvers. I captured this image from Davidson's Gallery of Guns You Tube channel.
Earlier this year CZ-USA announced that they will begin offering the 715 .357 Magnum again

North American Arms
Blade Forums
Smith & Wesson

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