Saturday, November 1, 2014

Discreet Gun Cases for transport

This post will seem especially timely when you see the new issue of Guns & Ammo, they have a story similar to this. I wrote this post weeks before getting the December issue, so I don't feel like I am plagiarizing at all.

As hoplophobia has spread across our country, it has become important to hide our firearms from the weak minded. They might get spooked at the sight of a gun and call the 911 to report "a man with a gun", which is definitely a situation we want to avoid.
While it is important that we win back the psychological war on our freedom & culture, we must pick our battles and in the mean time keep our weapons hidden from the eyes of the fearful.

I think the idea of discreet gun cases was probably invented by the prohibition era gangsters. Although I don't know of any documented accounts of real gangsters carrying their Tommy guns in Violin cases, Hollywood made it seem as though this were the only proper way to transport one.

So popular was this, that Auto-Ordnance, makers of the Thompson, decided to offer a custom sized Viola case for their rifle.
Thug Case sells new violin cases

 In the 1960's we were introduced to a mythical British Spy by the name of James Bond. Of course Secret Agents needed a way to discreetly transport their weapons.....and the attache case seemed appropriate for a well dressed gentlemen engaged in the import/export business. The one below is a copy of what was used in the 1963 movie From Russia With Love. It housed an AR-7 take down rifle.

This one is from The World is not Enough. it is equipped with a switchblade.

Toy versions were made for the 007 in training
If you want to create your own 007 Attache Case, Swaine Adeney Brigg in London can hook you up with an exact copy
Perhaps this is what the KGB's version looked like?

The modern version of the briefcase is the laptop bag:
 Many companies are making laptop bags with gun specific compartments for stealthy transport

LWRC is offering these Guitar Bags with their AR style rifles

 Hazard 4 is offering an aftermarket version called the "Battle Axe"
Y chrome is offering a hard sided guitar case setup for your AR rifle called the Rock 'n Load.
Blackhawk is now making gun bags that resemble tennis bags....
 At our local gun show there is a vendor who sells Yamaha padded keyboard bags for hauling your carbine or defensive shotgun around
 Obviously the idea here is to mask the identity of the bags' contents, here is one way to to do just that: paint some IDs on the side of the case that tell a different story.

Many manufactures of expensive equipment now supply a hard sided, padded case with their hardware, finding one of these used cases and retro-fitting some foam padding is a good option

Here are some other creative ways for discreetly transporting your arms


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