Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Another Assault on our Rights

Here in the Evergreen State we are forced once again to defend our god given and Constitutionally protected Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
A group of ne'er-do-wells has decided that we need to add one more restriction on the rights of free men and women.
For those of you on the left, you probably wont read this or even think twice about restricting the freedoms of your fellow Americans, after all you have been told to do so by the leaders of your party.
Think about this for a moment: A true liberal, one who believes in the rights of the individual, would support the right of free citizens to own guns, They would cherish and protect the right to choose the school for their child, They would fight to maintain their property rights and demand the right to choose where they work and what groups they join. If you don't fight to keep these rights, you are not a liberal at all.

 Those on the right understand what I am talking is those who are undereducated/undecided on the issue I would like to reach.

Initiative 594 would outlaw the private sale or transfer of firearms. Also loaning your child, father, mother or friend a firearm without going to a dealer for a transfer would be illegal (although "gifting" a gun would be acceptable??). It would outlaw the renting of a firearm, it would end the amateur gunsmiths like myself.

This of course would come with a price tag, taxes to be collected on every transfer....taxes on the exercise of a Constitutionally Protected Right!

It would also create a registry of all gun sales that the state would be able to track all owners of guns.....think about this for a moment: What if we required all Jewish people to register with the government and name their synagogue? What do you think the ADL would have to say about that?

How about we make everyone get a permit before publishing a newspaper or magazine article (or blog post?) , what would the ACLU do in regards to that law?

It is already against the law for a convicted felon, domestic violence convict or someone who has been committed to a mental health facility from owning guns. It also illegal for someone to knowingly give or sell a gun to such a person.

I'll say that again, the "stated" purpose of this law is to prevent those who should not have guns from getting. 
It is already against the law for these people to posses guns! 

Studies have shown time and time again that criminals do not buy their guns, they steal them! (don't believe me, look it up) 

Besides we already know who those people are! We have their names, birth dates, Social Security numbers, pictures and fingerprints....but instead these leftist Hoplophobes want to know if you or I exercise our rights. It is none of their damn business!

Nationally we have had a law that regulates the interstate transfer of guns (which I believe is an illegal expansion of the Constitution's commerce clause). This law came about after the Kennedy Assassination in 1963. It was the assumption of the law makers that Lee Harvey Oswald would have been unable to find himself a rifle in Dallas Texas in 1963 and was thus forced to order one by mail from Klein's Sporting Goods in Chicago. If you know anything about Texas, you know finding a suitable rifle would not have been a problem for Mr. Oswald.

Gun Control measures are not about tracking criminals, they are about tracking the and me, the political enemies of the left. They want to know who their enemies are and what they own......

"Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" - Patrick Henry
One last thing, consider the following:

The Hoplophobes promised us that if we strictly regulated fully automatic weapons, short barreled rifles and shotguns along with silencers, that crime would end and they would leave the rest of our rights alone (NFA 1934)....they lied, they came back for more

The Hoplophobes promised us that if we forced gun dealers to be licensed and keep records of gun sales, crime would end.(FFA 1938)....they lied, crime did not end and they came back for more

The Hoplophobes then asked for Federal regulation of gun sales (no interstate sales) and restrictions on the importation of small handguns...that was all they needed...just this one more restriction (GCA 1968)....they lied, they came back for more.

The Hoplophobes promised us that if we ended the importation of semi-automatic rifles, that our rights would no longer be under attack. (CCA 1990)....they lied, they came back for more
The Hoplophobes then promised that if we instituted a 5 day waiting period on buying a handgun, they would stop their anti-freedom attacks (Brady Bill 1994)...they did not stop, not even for a year.

Again the Hoplophobes go on the attack, this time banning the sale of new Semi-automatic rifles and magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds (VCC & LEA 1994)....again crime did not end and they came back for more.

Since The Clinton Administration the Hoplophobes have continually tried to get new gun control bills passed. You can see from their history that the Hoplophobes will not quit until all guns, ammunition and anything resembling a firearm is outlawed......but that still wont stop crime...after our guns are gone, what right will they take next?


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