Thursday, August 28, 2014

Things that Piss me OFF

I was pissed off the other day and figured it might be good therapy if I documented and shared the things that drive me here they are...I am not going to apologize if you get offended...

it is a free country, at least for now.
in no particular order:

1. Let's start off with this jack-ass. He thinks he is smarter than you, in fact he thinks he is saving you from yourself, He also thinks his actions as savior of mankind will get him into heaven. He is more than a little delusional...
in NY he outlawed the sale of soda pop in containers larger than 16 oz.....he limited access to alcohol in NY, he outlawed all sorts of guns (because of the children!). Now he wants to take on the NRA, spending $50 Million of his own money....why can't he just go away? The bastard is beyond wealthy and he can't find a decent hobby? Take up polo or golf or snorting cocaine off the ass of ugly Vegas hookers....something, anything, just go away!

2. People who unnecessarily permanently modify a gun.
Why on God's green Earth would you put adjustable target sights on a Vaquero??? If you want a single action target gun, buy a Blackhawk!....nooo these guys had to ruin perfectly good cowboy guns...cowboy guns DO NOT HAVE adjustable sights! Dennis Presbrey said " Roy didn't need 'em, neither do I"

This guy took a stainless Super Blackhawk with a 10 1/2" barrel and shortened it to 6", .....because he felt the barrel was too long 
SELL THE DAMN GUN AND BUY A 7 1/2" Model! Why ruin a gun that is far more rare than the easier to find shorter barreled ones?
3. This Bitch should be rotting in jail....that is all
4. Gun buy-backs.....the biggest scam since Corinthian Leather or 1-hour Martinizing. 
The organizers believe that by removing guns from the law abiding folks that crime will stop. That is like getting a vasectomy because your neighbor has too many kids! Thanks to these brain deficient people we are losing valuable collector guns...not too mention some of these turned in guns may actually be from criminals and could be used to solve crimes, but due to the "amnesty" given the participants......
5. Pro-Union Stickers on Japanese know who you are...same goes for "Save The Whales" on Japanese cars.....these people are just not paying attention!
I am one of the most anti-union people you will meet, but I only buy American/UAW made cars....I support my fellow American workers and you should too.

6. This thing.....I shouldn't even need to explain it....We should get the Bigfoot Monster Truck to crush this poser kraut can under its tires

 7. This guy's picture should be in the dictionary under HYPOCRITE. Michael Moore is a millionaire, made rich by the capitalist system....he lives in a posh 10,000 sq ft home in Michigan, next to a home owned by Madonna.....then get this, he goes to the Occupy Protests and claims to be one of them! of the 99%ers....really fat boy?

Lucky for Mikey the Occupy Protestors are mentally deficient, or they would have tarred and feathered his fat bourgeoisie ass.

8. Chinese Gun Cabinets.....People....these Winchester branded, Chinese made safes sold at Costco and other el-cheapo, discount, bargain basement Co-Ops, are NOT gun safes. They are a farce. DO NOT BUY THESE!
Anyone can open one with a 3lb hammer. There really is no excuse for not doing your homework on an important purchase like a gun safe. Besides there are dozens of safe makers right here in the U.S.A.! (see my post on safes for more info)

9. Assholes who cut in line in traffic. We have all seen these douche bags....the right lane is backed up for a busy exit, rather than get in line like everyone else, they take their self-importance to the front and cut in line....
Think about this the next time you hear about road rage on the news....the guy who got the beat down probably pulled one of these maneuvers. 

There had better be an ugly place in hell for these people or I am filing a complaint with the management!

10. Ok this bitch is either a liar or outright, certifiable crazy. 

When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in…. that’s just human nature.”

Here is a picture of this mental giant, notice she has her finger on the trigger and pointing the gun in an unsafe direction... If Jeff Cooper were still here he would kick her ass from San Bruno to the Presidio...
....Damn I wish stupidity hurt!

disclaimer......while doing research I was not able to reliably match the quote above to Frankenstein herself. It is said to be contained in some press release somewhere.....

11. Self-righteous Movie Stars who use guns in movies but don't think we should be allowed to own douche bag move

12. Warning labels on guns.....wait what? guns are dangerous? Really? What f'ing moron hurt himself and then sued the gun company over his own stupidity? I pray to god that this person whose actions led to this warning label spends the rest of their miserable life in a padded cell wearing a straight jacket and eating soft food.

13. These stupid "in loving memory" stickers.....please people!
OK, first off, the person whose name you put on your back window is not going to know about your memorial to their life.....this is another thing for the living, not the dead....(the same reason I don't attend many funerals).

Second, this is just plain bad English. The words "in loving memory" are a dependent clause, they are the second part of a sentence that should start with "I dedicate this park or..... bench or..... tree"
In regards to that, just what are you dedicating to this lost loved one? The car? the back window? the sticker?
Just a warning...No one had better put one of these up in my memory when I am gone, or I'm coming back to haunt your ass...

14. Gun Free Zones.....murderers who choose not obey a law that makes it illegal to kill school children (which is a capital offense), will obey an ordinance (that carries a minor penalty) that says they can't bring a gun onto school grounds? In what world does that make sense?

15. Academia trying to change the historical terms. 
In an attempt to be over-the-top politically correct, academia is trying to trade the terms CE for AD and BCE for BC.

The original terms meant BC: Before Christ (meaning the years before Christ was born) and AD: Anno Domini (which is Latin for "in the year of our Lord", which means after Jesus was born)
Their new terms mean: BCE= Before Common Era and CE=Common Era. 

Common Era??  WTF does that mean? Tell me, geniuses of Academia, what happened on year zero of your "Common Era" calendar....oh that is right, that is when Jesus Christ, the son of the almighty, was born!.....You didn't change the dates, what damn difference does it make what the initials stand for???  
Don't get me wrong, I am not big on religion, but I am definitely not in favor of this kind of political correctness BS.

16. The Caps Lock key....WTF? Who decided that the CAPS LOCK key needed to be 1. bigger than other keys and 2. in a place where you constantly and unintentionally hit it?.... putting CAPS LOCK ON WHEN YOU DON'T NEED IT ON? Why couldn't they put in up with the escape, delete or maybe that Home key (who even knows what that is for)???

 17. Buttercup can't get rid of these sombitches....they grow and take over your lawn and choke everything out
18. People who buy ammo and mark it up for profit. Everyone knows we are still in a horrible ammo shortage. .22 LR ammo is still hard to find, some stores have resorted to limiting the number of boxes one person may buy..that sucks, but what really pisses me off are these crap stains who spend all their free time in Walmart to get the .22 ammo off the shelves and then put it on Armslist or a gun forum for two or three times the $17.83 they paid at Walmart. Let's keep tabs on these douchebags and put them in some sort of exile...

19. Intellectual Dolts who still believe that Communism could work.
You only need to know three things to understand why communism doesn't work:
1. In Communist countries they build walls to keep the people in, in capitalist countries we build walls to keep people out.
2. No one in their right mind is going to work for the benefit of someone else (long term), putting the needs of the group ahead of their own, this is simple human nature.
3. Once people learn that you still get fed despite putting out the absolute minimum amount of work....production slows to a grind and the next thing you know you are waiting in line for two days to get three day old bread.

I couldn't come up with a #20, perhaps that is a good thing, at any rate I feel better now. 

As you were.