Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sporterized Arisaka Redux Part 4 Bluing

The 1st step in refinishing the metal is to disassemble everything. My 1st thought was to rust blue the rifle's barreled action. This was because the front sight is silver soldered on.
I'm now thinking I might take it to a gunsmith I know to have him drill and tap a screw hole for it (or maybe two?).

So to start I needed to take apart the trigger mechanism. The previous gunsmith peened the pins in place, so I will need to grind the pin flush, so I can drive it out.

 The trigger is free, I will smooth it up
I sanded and polished the trigger to a mirror shine. I am not sure if I will Hot Blue it, Nitre Blue it or leave it polished like the bolt....I'll have to think on it.

I'm not quite ready to fire up the hot salts blueing tank yet, so I decided to try to nitre blue the trigger guard screws the bolt release spring screw and the sling swivels. I had polished them up earlier in the week.

I decided to do the trigger as well, normally you might want to refrain from exposing a trigger to this kind of heat as you can anneal the metal and make it prone to wear, but this is a rifle that will be shot rarely and probably never wear out.

Then I started on the barreled action. After degreasing with dawn dish soap and an old toothbrush. I removed the old bluing with naval jelly

I then sanded, starting with 220, then 320, then 500 grit

The parts have been blued and now I can reassemble the rifle.

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