Friday, June 6, 2014

Girls with Guns Friday #2 - Bond Girls

Happy Friday Everyone!

This weeks girls with guns theme is Bond Girls. Not just the ones that actually starred in a 007 feature, but girls who look like they could have.

We'll start with real life Bond Girl Halle Berry. She played the role of Giancita "Jinx" Johnson in the 007 feature Die Another Day

 A good Bond Girl should be beautiful and mysterious looking......

 Although she never played the of a Bond Girl, I think she could have, this is the adult actress known as Tera Patrick
Real life Spy Anna Chapman is what this thread is all about!

 This picture has all the right elements: Mysterious Girl, check; compact semi-auto pistol - check; exotic location - check; looks that kill -  yep check
Although she is holding a fake gun (and she has lousy finger control), the picture is very "Bond-esc"

This picture was obviously inspired by the James Bond movie opening sequence with the gun barrel

If any of the pictures above belong to you and you would like them taken down or credited, please let me know

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