Saturday, August 3, 2013

Exotic Guns - antique

Guns, since their invention have been evolving. The invention of machinery for making small parts really opened the door for new designs.

The guns in this post are exotic because of their rarity, design or both.

We'll start with some older exotics

A quick thanks to the National Firearms Museum for the photos

another variation of the same idea

how about a 3-barelled percussion pistol? This one was called a "Duckfoot". They could be had with three to six barrels

Pepperbox revolvers were quite popular prior to the bored through cylinder and metallic cartridge inventions

These revolvers served dual duty as brass knuckles

A revolving rifle

this is supposed to be disguised as a camera?

This appears to a sawed off flint-lock shotgun that has an axe head attached and the stock shaped to maximize the swing power...perhaps the 1st Zombie gun?
some more examples of this concept