Sunday, August 13, 2017

Smith & Wesson 586 Reblue Part 2

Continuing on with the rebluing of this S&W model 586

See part one here if you missed it

The gun had more pitting then I thought, The pitting was somewhat hidden by the poorly blued finish.

Now I will get to the frame and other small parts, it may be hard to tell from this photo, but there is progress being made, this is a 320 grit finish

The trigger guard had plenty of pitting, it took a solid two hours to get this far, still needs more work, this is a 320 grit finish

The front of the trigger guard and crane are almost ready to move up to 320 grit

Same with the rear of the frame

Working the bottom of the barrel

Using a pencil to get the right angle and curve to sand the front of the trigger guard

Once everything had been sanded to 320 grit and most of the pits removed (at least the ones that can be removed) we moved up to 400 grit

I also cleaned up the latch engagement area, polishing it with the dremel. The crane pocket also got cleaned up

Parts of the crane were polished

Bottom of the barrel is polished to a 600 grit finish

Here is the gun just about ready for bluing, this is a 600 grit finish, I still need to sand blast the top of the barrel & frame

Before bluing I will go over it again, making sure all the sanding marks are going the same direction

I then started on the hammer and trigger

The hammer, trigger and cylinder release got a high polish finish.