Monday, June 12, 2017

Interesting Firearm Photos X

A "Last Ditch" Japanese Arisaka Rifle from the latter part of WWII, you can see the crude machining and apparent lack of craftsmanship.

Here are WH Murphy and his assistant, of the Protective Garment Corporation of New York. 
By 1923, the Protective Garment Corporation manufactured a light weight bullet resistant vest for police use and they held a live demonstration in DC at the police headquarters.

 World War II, US soldiers prepare "Easter Eggs" for Hitler

A U.S. soldier stands night watch as oil wells burn in the distance in Kuwait, just south of the Iraqi border on February 26, 1991.

The prop gun used in the 1974 James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun.

A poster for the Royal Hawaiian Shooting Club at the Ala Moana Shopping Center, Honolulu, circa 1991 (I own one of these posters...)

South Vietnamese Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan, chief of the National Police, executes Vietcong officer Nguyen Van Lem, also known as Bay Lop, on a Saigon street on Feb. 1, 1968.

US GI's stack up captured German K-98s, date is May 10, 1943....could one of these rifles be in your collection today?

Two Korean Businessmen defend their stores during the 1992 LA Riots

Ernst Hemingway with his W.C Scot & Son Shotgun, years later he used this very shotgun to commit suicide on July 2, 1961.

Lieutenant Wendell C. Neville (far left, with sword) presents the Marine Guard aboard the USS Maine, circa 1895. Neville would later become the 14th Commandant of the Marine Corps in 1929; the USS Maine would later sink in Havana Harbor in 1898, sparking the Spanish-American War.

Cutaway of a Ruger 10/22

Shortly after landing on “Red Beach” on Sept. 15 of 1950 to begin the “Battle of Inchon”, a Marine named Baldomero Lopez was photoed as he scaled a seawall. A few minutes after this photo was taken, Lopez was killed after covering a live grenade with his body.
He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor…and his Marine buddies took back the city of Inchon from communist control.

The Atlantic 
Unframed World
The Chive

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