Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Wrap up

What a year we have had eh? While we lost some good people...... Nancy Reagan, Fred Thompson and Justice Scalia.

We also had a landmark election that has given us a presumably pro-gun Congress and White House.....

The best part is that the panic buying/hoarding will now stop and we can buy guns, ammo and powder at reasonable prices again!

Then late last month we heard that El Diablo has come to claim another of his sons....ol' Fidel will be joining his comrades in hell. I guess he will finally be a good Communist (as you know the only good Communist is a dead Communist...)

Here at the blog we had our busiest year yet, reaching 100 blog posts in a year and setting records for the number of daily visitors (December was especially busy).

Looking back at our posts we could call this the year of the 10/22, as we had several 10/22 projects and the whole month of March was dedicated to the rifle.
There were other projects along the way, we restored an M1903A3 and re-blued a couple of other guns...we also visited a few gun related places...I didn't get to make a knife from scratch, or a gun either....just too much on my plate I guess













330 blog posts in and I still have a lot of things to bring you.....

Looking forward, I have plenty of articles already written (in various stages of development) and have more planned.

  • As always you can expect more restoration & modification projects. That is the core of this blog and hopefully always will be
  • We will attempt (again) to get into knife making, starting with the building of a filing jig
  • We will also make an attempt at building a gun from scratch, we have a couple of projects in the works
  • The following articles will appear monthly:
    • Featured Gun Articles, we have some in the can and some more planned
    • Guest Builds, if I can find enough of them
    • Interesting Firearm Photos
    • Gun Porn

Happy New Year Everyone!