Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Year End Review

It's that time of year again, next week I will be starting my 4th year blogging about guns. 

This is my 231st Blog post.....while I had no idea it would go on this long....we have plenty in store for 2016.

  • As always you can expect more restoration & modification projects. 
  • We have some more product and gun reviews coming up. 
  • Gun Porn and Featured Gun articles will be appearing monthly.
  • We will go head on into knife making, starting with the building of a filing jig.
  • We will also make an attempt at building a gun from scratch
  • We will cover some more historical firearms related events
Now for the review:

I have updated my Pocket 380 post with new offerings from Browning, Taurus, Bersa and Remington.

I updated my Zombie Guns post, we have a  follow up post with more pictures coming soon

I also updated my Theme Guns post with new entries

We covered the Ruger Single Action Grip Frames 
We introduced the Phoenix Project: The Resurrection of a Colt Trooper MK III 
We asked the question: Is Glock Hating a form of Hoplophobia?

We introduced another project: The Ruger Old Model Blackhawk
and some more Gun Porn
Another new project: The Browning Automatic Rifle Project Pt.1
We examined the trend of "Antiquing" a guns finish

We played around with some Indoor Practice Ammo
Part 2 of the Ruger Old Model Blackhawk Project
We profiled the many ways to keep your guns safe
We finished up the Browning Automatic Rifle Project
We investigated the world of Virtual Guns
Our Featured Gun for February was a Ranger model 101.2 bolt action shotgun
Part 2 of the Phoenix Project
Our most popular post to date: Ghost Gun Factories, we go to Gun Valley and see what happened to the gun factories of yesterday

We learn the process of removing a barrel from a revolver 
We asked the controversial question: To Restore or not to Restore
We perform a product review on the OR3GUN Marine Spacer Tube for Mossberg® 930/935 
We perform some cosmetic mods to my original Vaquero 
We cleaned up the edges on my Walther PPK/s 
We examined the great warranty repairs that have been provided by gun makers 
Part 3 of our Phoenix Project

In part 3 we install a brass grip frame on the Ruger Old Model Project
We displayed some Cut-Away Guns

Survivor45 shows us how to install a Custom Picatinny Mount for a Winchester model 290
We peered into the crazy world of Gun Tattoos
We took another stab at making a Pistol Display Box  
A Mossberg model 800 rifle gets cleaned up 
Gun Porn for April

We build a varmint Sniper Rifle
Our Featured gun for May was a Westernfield model 45 .22 rifle
Part 4 of our Ruger Old Model Blackhawk Project
We start another knife project, this one is a coffin handled dagger

We look at the art of Miniature Guns
Part 4 of our Phoenix Project
We attempt to explain the myth of the Buntline Special
We review the Tapco Gen 2 Mini-14 magazine

We repair a timing issue on a Ruger Security Six
Featured gun for June: S&W model 629 Classic Hunter
Part 5 of our Ruger Old Model Blackhawk Project
We compile some of the most ridiculous modifications ever done to a firearm  
We make our first set of grips 

We listed the 7 signs an Amateur has worked on your Gun
We began work on a Marlin model 81-DL 
Gun Porn for July
We finished our work on the Marlin model 81-DL
We compiled all the John Wayne Commemorative Guns
Part Six of our Old Model Blackhawk Project
The 7th and last installment of the Old Model Blackhawk Project 
A fellow gun enthusiast reviews the Hexmag for AR rifles 

We review the IWI Tavor rifle 
Another Coffin Handled Dagger 
A fellow gunsmith puts together a Mossberg 500 from spare parts 
We build some new Bluing Tanks
We take a look at all the colors of the Ruger LCP
A long overdue update on the Colt New Service Project 
Gun Porn for August

We documented the building of a custom Ruger Mark III pistol 
We examined the popularity of Pinto revolvers
A review of the new & improved Ruger Charger
We started a new project: The Born Again SKS rifle
Our Featured Gun for September is the Beretta CX4 Storm
We review the Gunsmither 10-22 Bolt Bar
We wrap up the Phoenix Project 

Guest Gunsmith hkcavalier demonstrates his modifications to a Marlin 1895 rifle 
Featured Gun of the month: The Ruger 44 Carbine 
Defacing a gun to stop crime? We don't do that anymore!
The Born Again SKS part Two
The Born Again SKS project is finished
We take a look at current trends in firearms
A specific type of gun porn: Custom Blackhawks

The Colt New Service Project part 4
The Slang used by gun nuts 
On Veterans Day we took a look back at the Centralia Massacre
We introduce a new project: a Marlin 1893 Rifle 
The Featured Gun for November is a "Black Army" Colt 1911 
Some Christmas Ideas for the Gun Nut on your list 
November Gun Porn

We wrap up the Colt New Service Project
The Featured Gun for December is the Hawes Western Marshal
We assemble a 7.62 caliber AR Rifle
Tincanbandit's Christmas Wish List
We perform functional and cosmetic upgrades to a second Ruger Vaquero
We take a look back at the marketing of guns as Christmas Gifts


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