Friday, September 5, 2014

Girls with Guns Friday #9 - The Girls of Gun/Hunting TV Shows

Happy Friday!
This weeks Girls with Guns is  dedicated to the women of TV Hunting/Gun shows. Now not all these girls hunt with guns, (some use Bows) but it is hunting none the less.

Tiffany Lakosky is the co-host of Crush with Lee & Tiffany on the Outdoor Chanel

Kandi Kisky is the co-host of the TV Show Whitetail Freaks also on the Outdoor Channel

Gina Brunson co-hosts Addicted to the Outdoors show with her husband. This show also airs on the Outdoor Channel.

 Randi Rowlett works for the Bucket List Outdoors TV Show

The TV Show American Guns on the Discovery Channel stars two gun women. The TV show is about the Wyatt family. Rich and his wife Renee own the Gunsmoke Gunshop in Denver CO.
 Both mother Renee and daughter Paige also help run the business and definitely know how to shoot!

 Melissa Bachman is well known for the photo of an African Lion that she killed, she has become a hero among hunting rights advocates as she was attacked in the media by the grass eaters.

Nicole Jones (now Reeve) is the co-host of the TV show Driven with her hubby Pat. This one can also be seen on the Outdoor Channel

Ka Cey Dixon was Miss Huntress 2011 and is an industry spokeswomen

Laura Francese is a former NFL Cheerleader and current spokeswomen/model for Martin Bows.

Product spokeswomen, hunter and co-host of the Outdoor Channel show The Outfitters, Haley Heath knows how to handle a bow or a rifle

Eva Shockey was born to hunt, her father is the legendary hunter Jim Shockey. Eva will on occasion join her dad on hunts and appear on his show: Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures

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  1. Classy, beautiful, competent... right on!

  2. Good heavens!...Tiffany Lakosky is by far the hottest lady to EVER wear cammo! Such a NATURAL beauty!

    Not like the rest of the women on here who had to put on all their make-up and do their nails before appearing.