Friday, June 13, 2014

Girls with Guns Friday #3 - Post Apocalypse

Happy Friday!
Probably the easiest of all the girls with guns themes for the photographers....really anything goes.

The pictures still need to be realistic though...right? I mean who is going to have perfect hair, makeup and clean clothes after the end of civilization?

WARNING, SOME OF THESE PHOTOS ARE NOT SAFE FOR WORK, I have put those photos at the bottom so you have to scroll to the bottom to see them (not by accident)

These pictures have it right
From the 2009 Movie Bitch Slap, I give you America Olivio

 The hottie Emma Stone from the movie Zombieland
Sophia Bush from the 2007 movie The Hitcher

If any of the pictures above belong to you and you would like them taken down or credited, please let me know

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